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About Right Time Home Offers to Sell My House Fast for Cash in Shreveport, Louisiana

About Us, Right Time Home Offers

We live & operate out of Shreveport, Louisiana. Our passion for giving Shreveport homeowners the best information to make an informed decision about their property keeps us happily humming along. We take pride in making the best cash offers in town. Read on to learn all about us, your Right Time Home Offers Team.

About Us – Right Time Home Offers Team

Get to Know Our Founder & CEO

Lauren started Right Time Home Offers when she saw a house across the street from her fall into disrepair when the owners moved and couldn’t sell their home. She worked relentlessly to help them out, and through the process, discovered others like them that needed her help. Now, Lauren tries to improve her neighborhood and the surrounding Shreveport and Bossier cities one house at a time – and one home owner at a time! She’s a big believer that no matter the situation, there’s always a way to create a positive outcome. She’s worked through all kinds of sales, including foreclosures, divorce sales, inheritances, probates, fixer-uppers, vacant homes, and more. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and Lauren has a determination and drive to help others find a way. So whether you need to sell your Shreveport house fast, want to avoid listing with a realtor, need to make costly repairs, or just want a fair offer on your home, Lauren will happily walk you through customized options to help you get the most for you and your situation. To learn more about us, Lauren, or how we set homeowners up for a successful sale, give us a call.

Shreveport & Bossier Real Estate Investor, Highly Motivated to Get You Your Best Deal
Founder and CEO, Lauren

Outside of Helping Homeowners in Louisiana

You’ll find Lauren catching up on the latest parenting trends. Her two passions in life are real estate and making sure her three kids are well-rounded, healthy individuals. This means lots of play dates, getting a second degree in elementary school education through her kids’ homework, and lots of various activities to help grow the next generation to their fullest potential.

If there ever was a such thing as free time, Lauren would spend it experimenting in the kitchen. Cooking is science you can eat. As such, it’s the most fun, delicious, and interactive way to explore anything edible she can get her hands on. Though her family wishes she wouldn’t take quite so many liberties with things they end up ingesting, they love to take part in her wild concoctions and enjoy the quality time spent together bonding over different cuisines.

Lauren is also a board game fanatic. As one who discovered the joy of gaming a little later in her life, she feels the need to catch up on years missed by binge playing with anyone who has enough stamina to match her enthusiasm.

Real Estate Investor in Shreveport & Bossier Louisiana ready to make you a cash offer
Acquisitions Team Lead, Amber

Get to Know Our Team Lead

Amber got her start in marketing, but transitioned to real estate investment to be able to dedicate her time and energy to work that more directly benefitted her clients. She works remotely out of Utah, but absolutely loves the energy of everyone she speaks with in the great state of Louisiana on a daily basis. Her passion for real estate investing started when she needed to sell her house quickly to stay in compliance with her divorce decree. During that difficult time, she realized that she could have used someone to guide her through all of her options. She linked up with Lauren to provide others with the knowledge and support they need to find their best deal. When she’s not helping homeowners find their best option for selling a property, you can find her hiking, playing tennis, or relaxing in nature with her three daughters and loving partner.

To Learn More About Us at Right Time Home Offers…

Don’t hesitate to contact Right Time Home Offers to learn more about us any time! We’re happy to give you more information about us, our offerings, or answer any questions you may have. Building relationships is one of the big perks of the work we do, so feel free to drop us a line.

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Pros & Cons Of Selling Your House to a Local
Professional Home Buyer – FREE Guide: 

Download our FREE Guide & feel free to contact Right Time Home Offers if you have any questions or if you want one of our real estate pros to assess your situation. We help Shreveport homeowners sell their house for cash, even if the property needs repairs or improvements. In fact, rundown or neglected properties in Louisiana often qualify for our Cash Offer Program even if they need substantial work. We specialize in probate (inherited) houses and fast home sales for cash, but we also work on seller finance & creative finance home sales – and much more!

We offer a FREE Home Sellers Guide to walk you through the ins and outs of the process. If you’re less of a reader and more of a talker, give us a call at (318)217-2167 to talk about your situation. In a few minutes, we can look up your property and discuss what opportunities you may have, including our Cash Offer Program. If you qualify, we can make you an offer quickly and you can choose the closing date that works for you. Selling your home doesn’t have to feel like a giant burden on your back. With the Right Time Home Offers team working for you, you’ll be well on your way to lightening your mental load and bulking up your wallet.